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One of the main problems we’ve recognised is what we call “Leaky Bucket Syndrome”. Businesses are often spending a lot of money and time on acquiring prospects, but they’re just not converting as often as they should. As the cost of acquiring a customer is around 5 times the cost of retaining an existing one, this is an expensive business. The Harvard Business Review estimates that a 5% increase in retention can result in a 95% increase in profitability.


Many of these businesses also lose sales as they’re lacking a structured follow up process to move prospects through a defined journey that converts leads into customers, customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into raving fans who are happy to make referrals.


Our primary goal is to ensure that any business that works with Best Minds is better off as a result and we follow a proven 3 step approach to achieve this.

Email Marketing Strategy

Developing the Plan


The first step is to architect a plan to optimise your sales, marketing and business processes to ensure they work together to help grow your sales, get you more organised and save you and your team time.


So often a major barrier to taking action, we’ve built a Growth Engine based on our proven technology and business strategies that removes the heavy lifting from this stage for our clients.

Email Campaign Set Up

Implementation through the Priority Path


Understanding how to implement your Campaigns in the most effective way involves following the Priority Path. Once you have a plan in place, it’s critical that you implement your Campaigns and business processes in a defined, logical order to generate the fastest possible return on investment (ROI).


Our Growth Engine has been specifically put together to lay out an implementation path that’s optimised for the B2B businesses we work with.

Best Minds Email Campaign Done For You

Maintenance and Evolution


We understand how important it is to ensure metrics are in place to measure the performance of every action you take. Businesses measure the things they care about. We do this in our own business and we expect our clients to care as much as we do. Only once we measure the results of our actions can we take steps to evolve to the next level.


We have defined reports that provide the visibility and transparency you need to know that your plans are working and help you decide on the best next action to take.

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