The Secret Sauce To Leveraging Your Referrals

30 Apr The Secret Sauce To Leveraging Your Referrals

When we were researching for our Guide, “The 7 Challenges Facing the Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Industry in 2017” we asked cleaning businesses what their current process was for getting referrals. The most common answer was, “We generally just get people calling in saying they had been referred”. There were a few businesses who had tried to get their cleaning team to ask for a referral once the job had been completed, but the team wasn’t motivated to do it and just wanted to get home after a hard days work.

Sound familiar?

One of our clients – we’ll call him Rich – recently asked us how his business could get more referrals. As a result they implemented a referral programme which is already working really well for them. Here’s how they approached it.

1. First Rich had to think of a ‘win win win’ offer. This is where the customer making the referral wins, the person they’ve referred wins…and Rich’s business wins!

He decided he would make his offer look like this.

  • The cleaner that gets the most referrals wins a £50 bonus (in the form of Amazon vouchers)
  • Every client that refers a new customer receives £125 of Amazon Vouchers
  • Every new referred client that takes a service receives a generous discount to their service (because they’ve been referred)


Win win win.

2. After each job has been completed, an email is automatically sent out the client asking them to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Clients who are happy with the service (which they usually are) automatically receive an email 3 days later telling them about the £125 Amazon voucher incentive to refer their colleagues. Neat eh?

Rich now has a systematic referral process in place which is automatically helping him to grow his business through his existing customers without having to cold call. He’s also getting more enquiries via word of mouth because he’s incentivised the entire process.

He’s expecting an increase in sales of at least 10% next month and he’s only just got started.

Perhaps it’s time you introduced a formal customer referral programme. If you would like to explore exactly how to do this, opt in for our FREE ONLINE TRAINING video where we will take you through what you need to do step by step. Just click here to get access now and you will also automatically be entered into our competition to win your own marketing team worth £7500.

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