How To Overcome Competitors In Your Local Area

10 May How To Overcome Competitors In Your Local Area

I met with a prospect the other day and the conversation came up about how competitive the Cleaning Industry is. It seems there is a feeling that almost anybody can start up a cleaning business, which means that the market is constantly being flooded with new companies making it more and more competitive by the day.

I was then asked this interesting question, “If Best Minds is working with a local business in a particular borough, let’s say in Battersea London, then how would you deal with being asked to be the exclusive marketing partner for that business in that location because you cannot help more than one company in a borough? You would be seen as working with their competitors, right?”.


Here’s the hard truth… partnering with many businesses in one location has nothing to do with the competitiveness between neighbouring companies. The fact right now is that cleaning businesses are not doing nearly enough marketing to get ahead of their competitors and it’s not about the mechanics of the marketing campaign and how it is set up, but rather about how businesses chooses to build relationships with prospects and customers. People buy from people and at the end of the day. Good businesses that are willing to build strong relationships with their customers and care about how they are treated will close more deals.

Marketing campaigns are pretty simple to build. Of course there is a science behind it; a way to architect campaigns to ensure that the lead is always being captured – and nurtured through a defined journey – so that lead will turn into a paying customer that will eventually offer you a testimonial or make a referral.

The mindset of thinking that every cleaning business in a local area is a competitor is not the right mindset. Businesses need to consider what image or ‘brand’ they want to portray to prospects and customers. They need to think about how they want to serve their clients. What unique selling points can they offer their prospective customers and ultimately how are they going to treat every single one of them?

Whilst the architecture of campaigns can be similar, the magic that makes them work is how you actually communicate what your business is all about in each and every single communication. Cleaning businesses don’t all deliver services in the same way. Every single one is different. If businesses are operating in exactly the same way, they will get eaten alive because standing out and putting the customer first is critical these days for businesses that want to succeed.

So, how do you overcome this mindset? You start to think differently and make sure you get your message out there using automated marketing campaigns designed to take prospects and customers on a journey to solve their problem. There is plenty of opportunity to go around and there are more than enough clients for everyone. The reason why cleaning businesses are not winning more of these customers is because of beliefs such as the market’s too competitive and it’s too difficult to implement automated marketing campaigns to communicate more effectively and take people on a journey. The fact is that more and more of your competitors are adopting this approach, so the real risk here is not taking any action at all.

This reminds me of a story I heard the other day. There was a man, walking down the road. He was on his way to go fetch food for his family and he did not have much time. It was dusk and the light was fading and it was somewhat difficult to see the path. As he was walking he saw something lying in the middle of the road. It looked like a snake! When he saw this, he was so scared that he turned around and ran back home, too frightened to attempt to get past the snake and fetch food for his hungry family.

The next day when the sun was up, he left early to fetch food – his family had gone to bed hungry the night before because of his fear when he saw what he thought was a snake. He made his way along the road and began to get scared as he approached the same place he had spotted the snake the night before. To his surprise, he saw that it wasn’t a snake lying in the road at all. It was actually just a piece of rope! He felt annoyed with himself as his family had gone to bed hungry because his fear and mindset had created a block in the road, something that only he could take responsibility for.

I share this story because we’re finding a lot of the cleaning businesses we are meeting are scared of the changes that the industry is facing. Yes, it’s true that more cleaning businesses are opening up all the time and the industry is growing. It’s also true that technology is playing a bigger part in running businesses (now more than ever) and there’s a learning curve to understanding how it works.

The Cleaning Industry is set to grow consistently over the next years according to widespread market reports, including one the British Cleaning Council released in March. The good news is that cleaning as a service is not something that is going away. It doesn’t matter that there are new businesses popping up all the time or that many of us are feeling pressure as a result of Brexit. There are always going to be customers that need help from our industry to keep their staff healthy and give them a great environment to work in.

The message that gets out to those prospective customers is up to you. One thing is for sure, cleaning businesses need to get better at marketing and overcome their fear of technology to better understand how the digital world works. The sooner that happens, the sooner it will become clear that the perceived snake in the road was just a piece of rope and everyone’s prosperity will flourish.

If you are serious about taking the next steps and overcoming the fear of change, then come and attend our event on the 24th of May in Milton Keynes from 09:30 – 12:30. We’ll be sharing helpful tips on how to grow your business and overcome the mindset of snakes in the road. If you don’t take action now, your competitors surely will. To view full details of our event, click here and feel free to connect with us directly if you have any questions.



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