How To Move From Spreadsheets Or Paper To Automation

02 May How To Move From Spreadsheets Or Paper To Automation

If today’s story looks familiar, then I’m not surprised. It probably represents 90% of the businesses we’ve worked with at some point or another! It’s still a great story, though.

When we met this client a few years ago, every single enquiry they took was taken over the phone. If their sales person or business owner was out, whoever took the call would send them an internal email or leave a hand written note on their desk for them to follow up when they were next in. Once the sales person was back in the office (and had deciphered the hand writing!), they would follow up with a phone call. If they couldn’t get through, they’d leave a voice mail. The prospects who answered would get priority attention, however the others would quickly get forgotten about in the madness of everything else that was going on (it was a busy place!).

Pretty standard, right?

The problem was, they were losing business due to missed calls, holidays and general workload, and as a result they felt like they were working harder and harder just to keep the level of business they already had. Growth seemed impossible for a while. However, by introducing a little bit of process, a touch of technology and some clever automation, they were able to quickly transform their approach.

Today, if someone calls to make an enquiry, their details are immediately added to the customer database whilst they’re on phone (they also take enquiries online these days). A follow up email is sent automatically to confirm all of the details and this typically includes a little something extra (I especially like their Before and After videos which do a great job of showing off their work).

Recurring Tasks are automatically scheduled for the sales person to follow up – if they’re unable to get through on the phone, an email is sent automatically to let the prospect know they tried to call (“Sorry I missed you…”) and another call is scheduled. All enquiries are tracked so the Business Owner can see how many enquiries came in and who they came from and if the sales person isn’t not around, they can automatically be delegated to someone else in the office.

Any unconverted enquires (they don’t have so many these days) move into something called a ‘nurture sequence’ which ensures that the prospect is automatically sent updates to keep our client front of mind in the future. What’s really great is that the Business Owner can also easily check which enquiries converted, making it easier to understand why some convert and some don’t.

It took a bit of work to set up, but now this part of their business runs like clockwork and they have more time and energy to focus on growth.

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