[INTERVIEW SERIES] – How Daisy’s marketing skills resulted in her Dad taking more holiday

10 May [INTERVIEW SERIES] – How Daisy’s marketing skills resulted in her Dad taking more holiday

Today’s interview was with Daisy from Smart Cleaner Advertising. I met Daisy at the Cleaning Show earlier in 2017 where she came to hear us speak. She was one of the audience members and was brave enough to ask us a question!

I followed up with Daisy to find out more about her company and learned that she is another small business that is serving Cleaning Businesses and helping them grow.

Now what’s the difference between what Daisy does and what we here at Best Minds do? Well, Daisy is focused on the ‘front end’ of marketing activity. She will essentially help create ad campaigns to advertise your business on places like Google and Facebook.

Once Daisy has worked her magic, this is where we come in. We help collect all those leads and make sure that you have processes in place to educate, nurture and turn these leads into customers that will refer you on once you’ve delivered such an amazing service.

Daisy shares some really helpful tips like:

  • Why you should be asking your customers where they found out about you
  • A clever website trick to help you track where your leads are coming from that’s really easy to implement
  • What you should consider when starting to look at advertising your business online
  • Why having a website is so important
  • What to look out for when selecting a partner to help with online advertising



Daisy also shares a great story of how she helped her dad, who owned his own cleaning business, free up more of his time using clever marketing techniques and automation, which resulted in him being able to actually take more holidays. My heart actually jumped for joy when I heard this because I love hearing stories like this. When we work so hard with clients to put automation and business processes in place and the result is that they get more time off to spend with their family or go on holiday…it makes it all worth it.

One of the key topics we discussed in the interview was the follow up process – no surprise there – as Daisy highlighted this as another big challenge she sees with her clients too.

Even small adjustments to your follow up process can make a massive difference. We’ve created a FREE ONLINE TRAINING VIDEO where we share the kinds of changes you could make in your business to close more deals and spend less time chasing your tail. Just click here to get access now and you’ll also be entered into our competition to win your own marketing team for 6 months…worth £7500.

If you are a cleaning business or a company that supports the industry and would like to be interviewed, then please give us a call on 0207 582 4859. We’d love to hear from you and feature you in our interview series.

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