How To Maximise Your Trade Show ROI

19 May How To Maximise Your Trade Show ROI

Trade Shows are an expensive investment – often the most frustrating thing about them is you spend so much time and effort making the stand look amazing and having marketing collateral available for all the footfall, but the follow up on prospects is often hard work.

We recently had a client approach us as they were exhibiting at a trade show and looking for a way to optimise how they captured and followed up on their leads. Here’s how they’d done things in the past.

They had 3 people on the stand talking to prospects. Every time they spoke to someone who might be interested, they would take their business card or have them fill out a paper form. At the end of the trade show, they would then employ an intern to put all the details from the form into a spreadsheet so the sales person could call all the prospects. They kept no record of how successful this approach was, but they knew they could be doing better.

Here’s how we optimised the process with them.

First, we ensured our client had the right system in place to automate and optimise everything

On the stand there were a mixture of laptops and iPads as well as a bowl to capture business cards

For every new lead, an online form was used to capture and submit all the prospects details – the data was a lot more accurate as the prospect themselves were completing the form and they were also asked to confirm which service they were interested in finding out more about

The system was set up to automatically send the prospect a text message 15 minutes after they’d visited the stand, packed with useful information that helped the prospect to learn more about their business. This really helped to ‘wow’ the prospect and immediately helped our client stand out above any competitors that were also at the trade show

During the month after the trade show, every prospect that had registered their interest was sent a series of automated emails over the next month, tailored towards the specific services they said they were interested in

Unsurprisingly, the number of leads this generated for the sales team increased, however because they were now using the right system, they were able to automatically allocate the prospects to their sales reps and automatically create tasks for them to follow up after the show

If a prospect left a business card, these were scanned on a mobile app and automatically added into the system, ensuring these prospects also received all of the same follow up information

One of the biggest benefits of this approach was that the information could be sent to the prospects and followed up right away (no need for an intern).

Best of all, our client more than doubled the number of leads they captured at the trade show (an increase of 116% in fact) and with conversions, boosted their ROI by thousands of pounds.


We’ve created a free training video showing exactly how we achieved this for our client so to get access just complete your details by click here and we’ll send you the training video straight away. If you are exhibiting at one of the Trade Shows this year this training video is a must see.

If you like to discuss more about how Best Minds can help you maximise your Trade Show ROI, then feel free to contact us via our details below. We’d love to help.

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